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    Our lifting equipment store provides a full range of liftings slings. Visit our webshop and buy at prices tailored to your company.

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We provide customized services and reliable products for our clients.




Besides the lifting technology we are market leaders in craning in several regions. Read More

Aerial work platforms

Aerial work platforms are closely related to the divisions built around the lifting technology. We are also engaged in the Read More

Machinery installation

Besides the lifting technology the Langmáhr group’s other leading segment is the machine installation. This business is engaged in machine Read More
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Industrial trucks

Lifting technology and industrial truck rental with operator person. With this solution you can be sure that the operation meets Read More

Earth moving machines

Earthmoving machines was established as a unit being in close relation to other branches. Our lifting technology branch and the Read More


Thanks to our team and our varied vehicle park and team we are ready to execute orders for transports with Read More
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Workplace safety store and services

In our retail and wholesale department we grant safety products, accessories and protective services for our partners. Read More

Lifting equipment store and services

We provide lifting equipments and lifting machine administrators and experts. Read More

Telescopic handlers

In addition to craning we are also engaging operation of telescopic handlers. Modern and regularly maintained fleet of telescopic handlers Read More
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Langmáhr Group has established a training center at its Mór headquarters. Our up-to-date digital training tools may contribute to increase Read More

Protection against fall

The primary task is to make safer the work of people working in altitude since it is essential to have... Read More

Testing weights

Testing weights are delivered in Hungary and outside Hungary for customers up to 150 tons, using different transports and lifting Read More
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Workplace safety and lifting technology
A store where you can find experts
Offering high-quality safety tools, equipments and lifting products in our store located in Mór. We can offer a wide range of industrial solutions. At any demand, we can provide the acquisition of personalized workwear or protective equipment.

Megakrán group


"Our projects are considered as a success only if the participant workers, in compliance with health and safety requirements,  performed their tasks in the best possible conditions."
Tamás Langmáhr
20 years
vonal 11   vonal Thousands vonal 18 vonal Advanced
More than 20 years of experience in the lifting technology guarantee a high standards of professional training.  We are the representative of 11 worldwide commercial brands. Thousands of error-free lifting and hundrends of technical reference point throughout the country. Lifting services and lifting related services for our partners. We always strive to provide the most advanced equipments and systems for our customers.


Everytime, everyone is in safe


We have a 700 million HUF / damage / year technical insurance for craning and lifting, which is unique among our competitors, and in case of any unforeseen circumstances, cover any potential damage in the machine, environment and employees.




Engineering services

Perfect solutions on time 

We are able to carry out any tasks with our equipments on the highest standards, from a simple machine moving to an entire  product line relocation and installation. Our machinery is perfectly complements the experienced team who, taking into account the safety standards, can guarantee professional organization and be able to perform the tasks at the highest quality level.

Our resources allow us to completely relocate and reinstall a whole factory or an entire production line.


Our services

- Simple machine moving
- Machine moving up to hundred tons
- Installing new machinery
- Survey of resources (water, air, oil, electric power)
- Configuration of the resources of the machines and equipments
- Turnkey plant relocation
- Internal relocation
- Machine fund planning and construction
- Simple or oversize(ed) equipment transportation internationally
- Preparation for intercontinental transportation
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